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Raising the Next Gen FAQs

  • What makes these programs different from what my teen gets at high school?

The reality is that the average student to counselor ratio is 311 to 1 and counselors are having to address mental health issues with students. We always encourage working with your counselor to maximize the school's resources, but if you need more, or a different option we're here to help.

The other difference is that the services Raising the Next Generation provides cover so much more than just career and college. We dive deep into getting your teen to discover themselves, their passions, their dreams & goals, we help them plan out their future in a realistic and achievable way, and we cover many topics that aren’t covered in school like personal finances, including the basics, cooking & cleaning, time management, and so much more. We offer a wide variety of programs to fit your students needs (website resource page, courses, workshops, on-demand webinars, strategy calls, one-on-one services, etc.)

  • What are the qualifications of your coach/facilitator?

With an MS in Business Psychology, a BS in Business Administration, and over 10 years of experience in higher education, career-tech, and industry, Traci Baskenhaster, our coach, is well-equipped to guide your young adult. Not to mention she owns a second business Design & Renew Career and Finance Coaching, where she works with adults from resume writing and budgeting, to full career planning. However, her passion is working with teens, and she's helped hundreds of students navigate their futures.

  • Where are one-on-one meetings held?

We offer virtual or in-person (if local to Central Ohio) options that fit your lifestyle. We believe in the value of being in-person, but also understand that isn't always the most convenient option for families with busy schedules.

  • What if the dates of the in-person workshops don't work for us?

Our day-long Success Workshops don't always work for everyone so we have a solution that could work for you. This is our customized workshop experience. This is when your son or daughter gathers a group of 6-10 of their classmates, friends, teammates, or peers and then chooses the day that works well for everyone. We then come to you to deliver the workshop at the date that works best!

  • What if we aren't located in Central Ohio?

We offer all of our Success Workshops in a virtual option as well. These will be listed as a 5-week option where students meet for 2 hours once a week virtually for 5-weeks. Students can be anywhere in the continental US and attend these programs. We run three this program several times each year!

  • Do I have to be in high school to get help?

Nope! We work with recent graduates and young adults up to age 24. We also have a brand new career exploration summer camp coming summer of 2022 for students entering 7-9th grade!

  • What if we can't afford a service?

We do offer scholarships as needed for families in need. Learn more by scheduling a call with us today!

Career FAQs

  • Can you help my teen find a career path for after graduation?

Yes! We love working with teens to help them find their dream career. We use a variety of tools and resources to help a student decide upon a career path. We can then help them do career planning to figure out exactly what they need to do to get to that career.

  • What if the career my child is interested in won't make any money?

We make sure that students understand that their dream career may not be practical based on job growth, opportunity, etc. We walk students through several avenues to help them learn as much about the career field as possible in order to make the best informed decision and have a complete grasp on what to expect from that career including growth, salary, education requirements, etc. We also can work with them to understand finances including building a budget to understand how far their income will go, and how far it won't.

  • Do you help teens start a business if that is their career path?

Yes! We love working with teens to help them navigate entrepreneurship and making sure that they do it successfully and cover all of their bases including legal, financial, marketing, etc. We are partnered with many organizations and resources to help your teen on this journey! And our founder is also a business coach for other businesses as well!

  • What type of career readiness do you provide?

We help students through the entire career readiness process from job searching, writing resumes & cover letters, building a LinkedIn profile, professionalism, communication, and even interviewing. Traci, our founder, is a career coach and spends a lot of time with business professionals, industry reps, and knows exactly what companies are looking for in their applicants.

College FAQs

  • What if my student/teen doesn't want to go to college?

We are firm believers that college isn’t for everyone and that there are so many amazing careers out there that don’t require a 4-year degree and we work with students to help them explore those paths, as well as other options such as the military, skilled trades, entrepreneurship, and apprenticeship opportunities.

  • When should I start college planning?

The sooner the better. The earlier you start planning and preparing for college the better choice you will make, and the more opportunity you will have. However, it is never too late, we've worked with students even after they graduated high school.

  • Do you help with writing essays and scholarship applications?

Yes! We offer several different program options to help on essay writing and scholarships. This includes our College in a Day Workshop which gives you all the tools to get started, we have our Working Workshops to dedicate time to actually getting progress made, and we even offer one-on-one services like our VIP Scholarship Day package!

  • Do you help with college courses and planning?

Yes! Having been in the role of an Academic Advisor, we can help you plan out your entire college journey from your courses to your involvement to the internships you should be looking for.

  • We are very overwhelmed with all things college and have lots of questions, can you help us?

Yes! We are college experts and can help with just about every subject, and if we can't answer the question we will find someone who can! We pride ourselves on the relationships that we've built with college representatives, and other resource partners to be able to help every student that comes through our door.

  • Do you help with ACT/SAT?

We have an amazing partner who does all things ACT/SAT to prepare students for their tests. We have also built her services into our one-on-one coaching packages when it makes sense. Please visit our resource page to reach out to her!

Life Skills FAQs

  • What topics do you cover in your life skills programs?

We cover many topics that every teen needs to know before they graduate college. In our paid programming we cover topics such as time management, goal-setting, all things personal finance, your communication style, living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your mental health, basic health & safety. We also have our free YouTube channel which covers even more topics like self-defense, car maintenance, more finances, cooking, laundry, and so much more!

  • How do you teach teens these skills?

We are firm believers in learning and doing. All of our workshops including our Adulting 101 brings hands-on activities to actually do the things we're talking about. We build in implementation time, and know the best way to really learn is to do it. For those that do our courses, we build in homework/activities for the student to do as they progress through the content.

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