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Young adults are facing an ever complex and changing world meaning important life choices are becoming difficult. Do I go to college? Do I go into the workforce? What career do I go into? What if I pick the wrong career? What major should I choose? Am I really prepared to be on my own?

We help high school students make smart career and college decisions to become successful adults regardless of whether a student is college-bound or workforce-bound.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Traci, the founder of Raising the Next Gen, an organization created to help teens and young adults get life right from the start. I have over 10 years of experience in higher education, career-tech, and industry. Some of my roles include Academic Advisor, Career Development Specialist, Program Manager, Director of Marketing, and Hiring & Training Manager. My diverse background in both education and industry has allowed me to now bring these skills and knowledge to your child.

I have a strong passion for helping the upcoming generations leave a better legacy than my own Millennial generation, and not walk down the path I did. I know firsthand the weight of student debt (having $85,000 myself), the struggles with finding the right career when you have many interests, and what happens when you're not prepared for the adult world.

I've helped hundreds of students navigate their futures. And have provided resources and guidance to thousands across Central Ohio reaching over 45 different school districts. Now I am blessed to get to help you and your teen or young adult!


"I would highly recommend Traci's program to any High School student. Her program provided valuable career insight that is above & beyond what is available through the school. I was thoroughly impressed by the panel of people she was able to give my daughter access to but also spark her interest in careers she previously had not considered. She is outstanding with her communication skills & my daughter really enjoyed interacting with Traci throughout the workshop."

-Tom D.

Parent, Gahanna Lincoln High School

"I highly recommend Traci! She did wonders for our Noah who is now thriving in college!! We appreciate your hard work Traci."

-Heather Z.

Parent, Pickerington North High School

"Working with Traci was amazing. She was so helpful with all of my questions and found me so many great opportunities to further my education and career. 10/10 would recommend!"

-Kelly H.

Client, Homeschooled

"Traci met with my daughter and her mom to discuss what she provides and the ways she can help get young people focused on a positive, prosperous future. She gives them the tools and knowledge to help them make the best decisions possible."

-Michael D.

Parent, Watkins Memorial High School

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